Feelin' Good, Lookin' Dead

by The Shivering Brigade



The Shivering Brigade's debut EP's lead track is a shout-along horror hardcore powerhouse!


Feelin' good!
Lookin' dead!
I dunno what's real
And what's in my head x2

Just like an episode
Of "Murder She Wrote"
I can see your revolver
Under your coat

Ice pick stickin'
Outta my neck
But I feel no pain
So what the heck?

FG x LD x2

Every time you lookit me
I wish I was dead
Your love is like a bullet
In my pretty little head

All you can see
Are the whites of my eyes
I just wanna get
Between your thighs

FG x LD x2

All the blood's drained
Outta my face
But baby your blood's splattered
All over the place

Feels so sweet
Just like a love letter
Darlin' I don't even
Wanna get better

FG x LD x2


released July 17, 2013
Written and performed by The Shivering Brigade
Recorded and mixed by Denise Barbarita
Mastered by John Merriam




The Shivering Brigade Brooklyn, New York

Rim a Collins glass with punk rock. Fill glass half full with ice. Season ice with cabaret, glam, swing, hardcore, whiteface, sharp objects and loose morals. Pour in gin. Top off with laudanum, leaving a half inch at the rim of the glass. Squeeze in broken heart and drop into glass. Garnish. ... more

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